AISV President’s Message

The committee of AISV had its AGM in April this year. There was considerable interest in the association as a result of which all ten positions were filled. I am pleased to inform you that there are six female and four male committee members. The position of Vice President has gone to Ms. Daizy Maan. The average age of the committee members is around thirty years. I would like to welcome all the young committee members to the team and hopefully some of these new committee members would make AISV stronger and more pertinent to the Indian and Australian community.

The Federal elections are upon us. Both the major parties are hell bent on sending the country broke. They are splurging money that they do not have in order to win votes and their main agenda is to win office. Some political parties are putting false advertisements on radio, television and newspapers misguiding and scaring people to vote for them. I have been in the medical profession for almost four decades and I am acutely aware that Medicare in its present form is unsustainable and a very heavy burden on the Australian economy. In plain English, Medicare is broke. It is being widely and systematically abused by all as there are no checks and balances to monitor its expenditure. Raising the GST by a minimal amount would go some way in reducing our debt but there is so much scare mongering on this issue as well that there is no way to reduce the National debt in the foreseeable future. The country is in debt and I feel sorry for our grandchildren who will be facing the consequences of this financial burden in their life time. I predict if the politicians do not curb their spending and get the budget in a reasonable balance, we will be no different to what ‘Greece” is today and our credit rating which is triple AAA today would have a ‘junk status’.

You may or may not have read in the Newspapers of an Indian businessman suing the ANZ bank in a business deal gone wrong. During the court proceedings a few emails were released from the executives of the ANZ bank, which were very defamatory and racist against the Indians.

An email from Chris Page (then ANZ bank chief risk officer) to Michael Smith (Then ANZ Bank CEO) read, quote, ‘After all of Sunday and all of Monday in negotiations with the o’s and their lawyers, we have reached an agreement….In essence, we are dealing with two very unsavoury characters….We are dealing with Indians with no moral compass….This has been a very Indian characteristic transaction.’

The response from Michael Smith: “Chris, Well done. I guess we have to keep the pressure on. What a bunch”.

When my attention was drawn to these emails, I was outraged by the racist remarks of these two ANZ individuals against Indians and especially for the large majority of Indian working in the ANZ bank. I will be writing to the Board of the ANZ bank for an apology as well as writing to the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission and Australian Human Rights Commission.

Finally we are celebrating our Independence Day on Saturday 20 August 2016 at the Cinnamon Club. Please do support our function. The details are in the flyer on our latest newsletter.

Dr. Gurdip Aurora
President AISV
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